English Comedy: Okello Dunkley – Almost Austrian

07Feb 19:00

academy Bar
Franz-Josef-Str. 4
5020 Salzburg

Okello Dunkley is an American comedian from New York that has been living in Vienna, Austria since 2015. In anticipation of submitting a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 2019, he’s put together a show about his life in the US and why in the hell he decided to move to Vienna almost 4 years ago. This show is for (but is not limited to) anyone that:

-has had to deal with the MA-35
-wonders why all of the stores are closed on Sunday
-wonders why Americans love guns
-wonders why I don’t let people scroll through pictures on my phone anymore
-wonders why Vienna is so beautiful, but the people are so Viennese

This will be a fun show and he promises no lederhosen, singing or Schuhplatteln!

Entrance fee: € 15,-

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