Live in Concert: Rufus Coates & the Blackened Trees

25Feb 19:00

academy Bar
Franz-Josef-Str. 4
5020 Salzburg

+++ Experimental Blues aus Irland +++

„Listening to this debut LP from the Irish five-piece brings to mind what is most enjoyable about music for me: being transported by sound, being suggested to by style and being impressed by complexity.“ Dublin Concerts 
“the gravel-voiced Nick Cave-esque Coates, with a counterpoint of the sweet female vocals of Jess Smith, these are dour blues songs that have enough beauty to lighten the hearth of the home.” The Irish Times

“Rufus Coates and Jess Smith would not be the first pick to be a duo in the school choir, but in this environment, in this strange pit where folk and blues never meet yet are the same thing, they fit perfectly. He is the devil’s voice in your head; she: the other devil.” PureM

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